Our philosophy, a sustainable lifestyle, celebrating the generosity of nature.


Fati Amor

Fati Amor is an Italian brand, born in 2018, managed by Sara Lou: she is a designer, a mother, a wife and a lover of nature. Her laboratory is situated in the heart of the region of the most beautiful lakes of Italy, near Milan. FATIAMOR is a project of craft and objects with a story to tell, born from her love for simple and functioning things, from the observation of nature and from her interest in quality products made in Italy.

“I believe that both objects and people have a unique story to tell. Everything that has got a shape can be transformed in something to use again; always new objects, full of stories and of their traces, that are still alluring. For these reasons I dye with plants, recycling nature and its essence.

This space represents the summary of my experiences as event stylist and great enthusiastic of nature. Moreover, it represents the summary of an attitude of solidarity towards what is imperfect. In things as in the people there are imperfections and weaknesses that can become a great opportunity of beauty”. Sara Lou

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