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How to book Fati Amor products

To purchase products not available in the stock and for quantities of more than 15 meters, you need to book them 60 to 90 days in advance. Write and tell us your set-up project and we’ll send you a quotation. Then, write to us an email with the booking, specifying your fiscal data in order to emit the invoice. At the order confirmation it is required an advance payment of the 70% of the order amount to purchase silk, cotton and linen fabrics.

Why advance booking of Fati Amor textile is recommended?

Fati Amor textiles come from India if they are cotton gauzes, from Como If they are silk and linen.

Before turning fabrics into napkins, ribbons and runners, we follow a slow and diligent process: first of all we wash and mordant them; after that, the fabrics are seamed to avoid the unstringing during the dyeing then placed to dry in the dark, dyed with natural extracts, rinsed, dried once again, and finally ironed and scented.

The coloring process includes the time to pick plants, flowers and roots and eventually dry them and the perseverance for the maceration and the extraction of the pigment (around two weeks). It takes about two months to prepare fabrics in stockout to embellish your tables and your events, especially in case of big lengths.

For all of these reasons the right wait is necessary: the uniqueness and the exclusiveness of plant-dyed products need time, patience and to be booked in advance within a reasonable time

Write to us if you have any questions.

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