When will my order be shipped?

Your order will be processed and shipped within 1-3 business days. If you need a rush order, please click on the contact tab and send us an email.

How many days will it take for my package to be delivered?

Domestic orders: please be advice that we use SDA courier. It usually delivers within 3-5 business days in Italy, except for Sicily and Sardinia, Venice and Amalfi Coast. In this last case the courier may deliver the package by a week. If you will require an express shipping, you will receive your package within 1-2 business days. If you need a rush order, please click on the contact tab and send us an email.

Late delivery

In case of late delivery, we can request a refund. In this case it’s necessary that you require an insured shipping. This service has a higher cost. For every specific need, please write to us using the contact tab. All our shipments are trackable.

Customized orders shipping

Customized orders (great lengths) are shipped with an insured shipping; its cost can vary based on weight and destination. We can also agree upon a shipping through your trusted courier; please require it in your order email.

Taxes and customs fees

In case of international orders to EXTRA-EU countries may be required some customs fees. The buyer is responsible for this taxes. Please check the EU countries list and the respective current regulations on https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/individuals/buying-goods-services-online-personal-use/buying-goods/buying-goods-online-coming-from-within-eu-union_en. 

Otherwise you can contact your post office or your custom office for further information. Fati Amor is not liable for any possible or additional taxes after the package left Italy.


Why does Fati Amor smile at our planet?

The FatiAmor ribbons are eco-friendly. The colors are infused by nature itself through leaves, fruit and mediterranean berries; they offer you an unique experience of beauty and style. I’ll be happy if you use and reuse your ribbon for special occasions, because they are created to hold the essence and the color of the plants and also to remember you your best moments.

Why a combination of silk and cotton?

Our ribbons and my fabrics, colored by plants, works in a perfect harmony with each other. We love combining a simpler fiber like linen or cotton with one more precious like italian silk for a movement that it creates; it gives to the bouquet personality and delicacy at the same time. The fibers colored by natural dyeing have subtle and nice variations and give to the ribbons complementary colors depending on the fabric: more vivid and intense on silk (because of animal fiber, it doesn’t need the long process of mordanting), deeper on linen and cotton, that need to be worked longer. The match and the contrast of so different ribbons add to the whole thing a fabulous grace.

Where does FatiAmor silk come from? Which features has it got?

Ribbons, runners and napkins made of satin, organza, chiffon, georgette and linen of FatiAmor are washable and reusable for your important occasions; they keep the style and the softness of the fabrics produced in Italy, on the shores of Como Lake.

How are the ribbons made?

The wooden ribbon spools that you will have in your hands are handcrafted by an artisan through a lathe; they are imperfect and different one another, made of fir wood or recycled and processed with beeswax.

Are pigments really extracted from plants?

Our ribbons are hand-dyed with extracts from walnut husk, ivy, fruit, mediterranean roots and berries, picked in their balsamic period from which FatiAmor organic pigments arise. The color, hold by the fabric in a delicate and changing way, takes tones and shades that make the ribbon unique, thought for and devoted to a unique person and for a special occasion.

Why I choose natural dyeing and not fabric printed or chemically colored.

The technique of the organic dyeing has a millenarian history; it dates back from antiquity. “I like natural dyeing with plants because it is absolutely imperfect and unpredictable: every extract I use is unique, depending on the site of the plant, on the light received, on the land that nourished it. To prepare pigments I use extracts, leaves and roots of plants in their balsamic period. I macerate a color, see it changing, breathe intense scents while cooking, sow the seeds, pick leaves and fruit learning to know them. I observe and wait with trust, it is a slow and satisfying process. In fact, the results are perfectly imperfect; beautiful like the creative nature, that is always more imaginative than us. I’m enthusiastic to be a first witness of the birth of these unique creations, authentic pieces of art and gifts of nature. This patience and this “amor fati” (love for fate) are my favorite aspects of the work”.  Sara Lou

Why is FatiAmor not for everybody?

If your concept of beauty is controlled, consistent and impeccable, FatiAmor doesn’t suit you. This project is based on the tension to a sustainable lifestyle and the celebration of the generosity of the perfectly imperfect nature. If you share this attitude of wonder and gratitude to nature, you won’t be disappointed.