Ambra ribbon [silk crêpe satin]


Ambra is a warm and intense hue that comes from the infusion of the madder root. They are dried in very small pieces and then macerated for days in the color bath so that they can emit charming shades of dyeing. This vibrant and alluring color is inspired by the vibrant sunsets on the Mediterranean Sea.

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This silk satin is soft, 100% italian, comes from Como, is smooth and shiny on one side, and mat on the other, where it shows a delicate orange peel appearance. Its surface is shining and exalts all the features of the silk. The most important characteristic of this crepe satin ribbon, dyed with plants, is the shininess it gives out and its fluidity. The crepe satin hand-dyed with plants absorbs color well to produce vibrant chromatic variations. This silk is dyed in Italy without chemical ingredients. This silk is dyed in Italy without chemical ingredients.

Washing & Care

Fati Amor silk ribbons are washable and reusable; they have an unchanging and long-lasting color. Don’t be afraid to wash them at 30 degrees Celsius with a pH neutral soap, also by using a delicate washing machine program. Iron with steam or with a press.